5 Best Google Chrome extensions

Chrome is still one of the most widely used browsers in the world. So it features a good display, but what can it say instead of an extension? One thing is true: there are hundreds of them. Each with its own small utility, all dedicated to a particular use.

Here are all the different extensions that we think are some of the best you install in Chrome.

1.HTTPS Everywhere extension

Do you know the padlock that appears next to the web address you are visiting? This is often a signal that tells you whether you are looking for a site with an HTTPS connection or not.

Unfortunately, even if they have HTTPS, some websites don’t insert them correctly. This extension is used to enforce HTTPS connections, which in most cases makes browsing safer.

2. Magic Actions for YouTube extension

Even if it’s a little cheeky with its ads and notifications when you start Chrome, just ignore it: Magic Actions is a great extension that blocks YouTube ads and adds many other features such as filters, added cinema mode, “ambient light” around the screen and many other virtually necessary features if you watch YouTube almost more hours a day.

3. ScriptSafe

When a web page loads, several programming fragments are inserted into the background. This is called scripts that are used to perform videos, music, and more. However, some of these scripts can harm our privacy, others are even harmful to our security in general.

ScriptSafe is used to block all scripts that we find most annoying or dangerous, even if it’s pretty aggressive. You need to understand the extension before blocking anything!

4. Web Of Trust extension

This extension has access to a huge database of reputations for all websites visited by different users, who then publish the review.

This feature is also widely used by many antivirus programs, all with their own personal databases, but WOT is the one that is instead delivered by messages from “normal” people like us. Web Of Trust reviews is divided into several sections, such as reliability, value for privacy, or that the site is suitable for children.

5. Click & Clean extension

There are many tools that allow you to clean up the browser. In fact, when we move, we collect a lot of personal data on our computers. Cookies, temporary files, history.  If you are looking for a quick solution for cleaning up the browser all that little privacy, Click & Clean is a pretty good extension.

This gives you access to quick options to erase everything you want in split sections if necessary. It also provides quick access to incognito mode and can perform multiple security checks.

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