7 Android Features that make android unique

Yes, there are Android features that are offered by the bitten Apple company. Not everything is gold at Apple, and Google is becoming increasingly competitive.

7 truly unique Android features

1 – You can use the apps you want

By default, you can set up your own apps. For example, if you don’t like Gmail, you can automatically use other messages. Yes, this is not possible on an iPhone.

2 – Google Assistant is more complete

The Android Assistant is much more sophisticated and has an excellent understanding of voice commands. Likewise, the answers suggested therein are mostly satisfactory.

3 – Use 2 apps at the same time, the best Android features

In Android, you can use 2 apps simultaneously on the shared screen. This is fine if, for example, you want to check your email without closing a document.

4 – You can customize the home screen as you like

You can place your applications in the place you want, you will not be limited at any time by the OS. You can choose the order that you like the most and distribute it your way.

5 – Using Launcher

This is without a doubt one of the best Android features. With launchers like Nova Launcher, you can customize the look of your smartphone. Home screen, folder shape, icons, application drawer, and more.

6 – Automatic background change

Google automatically updates and locks the wallpapers of your home screen so that they change constantly without you having to do anything.

7 – Miniature videos, one of the most used Android functions

You can watch a video and exit the app to see something else without closing the app. The video will only be a thumbnail and you won’t miss any details.

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