Another Microsoft executive shows Surface Duo

The Liat Benzur, vice president of Microsoft’s modern life and Devices Product Marketing Management. Liat Ben-Zur recently released a picture showing the multitasking capabilities of the Surface Duo dual-screen device.

It said, “2 kids. Use 2 different math apps at the same time. 1 foldable device . 2 happy moms.”

Another Microsoft executive shows Surface Duo


Although many Android devices provide split-screen multitasking, in most cases, the resulting screen is too small to perform any useful operations. In fact, each half of the Surface Duo’s 5.6-inch screen offers useful multitasking capabilities, a feature that will likely need to be used on a daily basis.

According to the news, the Microsoft Surface Duo is expected to come with a Snapdragon 855.

  • 6 GB RAM, 64 GB/128 GB/256 GB storage.
  • Two 5.6-inch AMOLED displays with a resolution of 1800 x 1350.
  • Support for on-screen fingerprint recognition.
  • An 11-megapixel camera on the rear
  • 3460mAh battery.
  • Microsoft Surface Duo does not support 5G, wireless charging, or NFC functions.
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