Apple announced an event called “One More Thing” on November 10th

Apple announced that it will hold an event called “One More thing” on November 10th, 2020.

At this event, Apple is expected to announce the first Mac to feature Apple Silicon.

The phrase “One more thing” has been used by Apple’s new product launch conference, especially Apple founder Steve Jobs.

The last time Apple used the word “One more thing” was in 2017 when the iPhone X was released.

Apple distributes invitations for “One more thing” events to the media, which include augmented reality (AR) content

At WWDC 2020 held in June 2020, Apple announced a plan “Apple Silicon” to adopt a processor developed independently for Mac.

Apple has adopted its own chip for the iPhone and iPad, but the goal is to extend it to the Mac and further accelerate hardware and software integration on the next-generation Mac.

By adopting Apple Silicon, it will be possible to run iPhone and iPad apps on next-generation Macs with almost no modifications.

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