Apple HomePod Mini is official: the new Mini smart speaker

In addition to the new iPhone 12, Apple has also introduced the HomePod Mini speaker, which promises to significantly improve sound compared to its predecessor and increase better connectivity with Siri.

The HomePod Mini is powered by the Apple S5 processor, which ensures the best sound quality in all conditions. The speaker is designed to integrate all the features of the Siri Voice Assistant, making this device not only a product for listening to high-quality music, but also for managing everyday life with the voice itself.

It will be compatible with the most popular music applications and of course also with i music. Later on, you can also enjoy Amazon Music.

Apple HomePod Mini is official: the new Mini smart speaker
The new HomePod Mini, consisting of two full-range dynamic drivers, is equipped with a noise reduction system that allows you to always have clear and clean sound even at higher volumes.

Also, the grid texture of the HomePod Mini provides clearer bass. It is also interesting to be able to synchronize multiple devices at the same time, located in different rooms of the house, creating a high-quality sound system.

By placing two or more devices in the same room, you create one sound system that provides the best sound quality.

HomePod Mini Features:-

The HomePod Mini of course supports Siri, increasing the functionality offered by the Apple Voice Assistant. The HomePod Mini will be able to recognize different voices for each member of the family, so you can customize your requests depending on the person using the device.

For example, the algorithm will be able to select the most suitable music for the person who calls Siri. HomePod Mini will also support the Home application, so we can control any Apple home automation device with the simple use of our voice.

The Intercom function has also been introduced, which offers the ability to send real-time voice messages to all HomePod Mini connected to the same network, adding the ability to receive instantly as if you were on a conversation with your own person.

HomePod Mini will be available from November 6th and its premiere is scheduled for November 16th for 99 dollars.


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