Chrome testing a features to reduce data usage when opening videos

The new feature tested in Chrome beta promises to reduce data usage when playing videos in the Google browser, which also helps improve browser performance. The techdows website discovered the news.

According to the post, LiteVideos forces videos to appear at the lowest resolution available when it is activated, reducing costs with the Internet franchise. To do this, it simulates low bandwidth conditions and leaves limited multimedia responses.

The new method of reducing data consumption when playing videos in Chrome should reach stable versions of the browser for Android, Windows, Linux, Chrome OS, and macOS by the end of the year, as well as for those who use the program on laptops and desktop-connected computers Networks slow down.

How to activate the function in Chrome Canary

Anyone interested in trying LiteVideos mode in Chrome before the feature reaches a stable version can do so in Chrome Canary, a developer browser version. The new feature is available in the Canary version of Chrome 86, both on Android and Windows, as well as on other operating systems mentioned above.

After you download the app on the Google Play or the Canary s page and install it on your device, you’ll need to activate the feature.

Chrome testing a features to reduce data usage when opening videos

You do this by typing chrome:/flags in the address bar and searching for LiteVideos in the search box. Then turn on the “LiteVideos” and “Force LiteVideos decision” options.

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