Facebook will soon allow you to change your colour profile

Facebook wants 2020 to be full of changes. The new desktop and mobile user interface will be active for all accounts later this year.

Facebook is making big changes to the appearance of the app. Both in the desktop version and in the mobile app they publish a new interface. At the moment you can have the new photo or go back to the old one. However, the company confirmed that only the new option will be available by the end of 2020.

Facebook will soon allow you 
to change your color profile
Facebook will soon allow you
to change your colour profile

As a result, they intend to install a feature on the social network that appears to come from Instagram. A change in colour in the appearance of the profile. It adapts to the cover of your wall, according to the profile picture of your avatar. It should work like Instagram because it works similarly to the stories on this social network. When we upload a photo, the background colour changes. Always use the most dominant area in the photograph as a reference.

So something similar to your Facebook profile design would happen. The background collects the most important colour of your profile or cover photo and adapts it to the wall. So far we don’t know much about this feature and we don’t know if you can change it as you wish. The little information leaked comes from the engineer Jane Machun Wong.

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