Gmail is going to get a New Design

Google continues to work on its own ecosystem. In the coming months, the company will try to make it easier for Gmail users to work from home. The developers are preparing a redesign of Gmail. In the future, we need to see a new design, not only from Gmail but also from Google Docs, Chat, Rooms, Meet, and other applications.

According to Google’s plan, everything should work at once and create an ecosystem for all your actions.

The motto of Gmail’s new design is “New Home for work”. For example, a handy set of quick commands that appear in Gmail mobile apps that display the Email, Chat, Spaces, and Meetings tabs.  This should speed up the transition to the right applications in which notifications are collected.


The redesign should bring a remarkable look. All the key elements are more convenient on the screen of your smartphone and computer. For example, you can open documents in Gmail and work directly with files, view shared files, view tasks, and chat, and video chat at the same time.

Google Meet will also be updated. The company promises such new features as the ability to formulate questions and answer them, the “raise your hands” function, view attendance, the ability to set a custom background, etc.


Since remote working is likely to be relevant in the near future, these updates will be very important for Gmail and the entire Google ecosystem. Unfortunately, the company did not tell when the update will be released, but it is unlikely to have to wait a very long time.


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