Google Chrome browser will provide “Experimental Features” button

Google announced this week that the milestone update of the Chrome browser will be shortened from one every six weeks to one every four weeks. In order to better perform functional testing, Google announced that it will simplify the way to open experimental features.

Alex Ainslie, head of Google Chrome design, said yesterday that a conical flask icon will be added to the toolbar of the Canary Chrome browser (as well as the upcoming Dev and Beta versions) to facilitate users to access Chrome’s experimental function.

Google Chrome browser will provide "Experimental Features" button.
According to the picture shared by Ainslie, the experimental features include a reading list, label scrolling, and label searching. The reading list allows users to quickly save articles for later reading, label scrolling allows users to scroll labels, and label searching allows users to search for labels they open.

In addition, each experimental feature has a “send feedback” button, and users can click this button to share their ideas about the new feature.

The Chrome browser usually hides experimental features. Only when the user enters “chrome: //flags” in the address bar, can the hidden page be opened and the experimental features be administered.

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