Google mistakenly reveals Android 11 release date

Google mistakenly reveals Android 11 release date

Android 11 will be the next version of Google’s operating system, the first beta version of which was official in early June. Google has yet to confirm the release date of the stable version, although it should be in August.

However, we do not have to wait too long to find out. Since Google itself accidentally revealed the Android 11 filing date. This year will not be in August, but it will take some time to become official and it will be in September.

Google mistakenly reveals Android 11 release date

In the video that Google posted to its YouTube account, on the occasion of the launch of the Smart Home Summit, we saw that the launch date of Android 11. Around 18. Minutes in this video you see that this new version of the operating system will be official on September 8th.

At least as of this date, the distribution of this version should begin. The normal thing is that Google introduces new versions of the operating system in August and in early September when it starts to be launched on the phone.

It is not known whether there will be delayed this year as a result of the COVID-19 crisis, which could result in it arriving a few weeks later. In any case, we already have at least a confirmed date.

It seems clear that Google has confirmed this release date of Android 11 by accident, but at least we have this data for several weeks. We will need to find out if there is an official notice from the company confirming this date or whether new data is coming in. At this time, we can write this date on our calendars.

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