Google’s next Chromecast may arrive soon

It’s been three years since Google released the Chromecast Ultra, and since then they have been calm about a possible sequel. It may not have been needed as Chromecast Ultra’s 4K resolution is probably good for most.

But now there are rumors that a sequel is imminent, and this time there will be a remote control. In the past, Chromecast plug-ins could only be managed indirectly through mobile applications and by “providing” content.

Revealed by a patent application, but now two Google-registered companies that have appeared at the Taiwanese Patent Office have triggered another explosion of rumors. Both “dongle” and “remote” are mentioned in the patent application. With Google as the sender, there is not much to assume that this is a new Chromecast plugin.

Especially concerning the previous rumors, which also mentioned that the remote control has its assistant button and the new Power Stick also supports HDR content.

I also believe it is also that we can use the Chromecast more as a dedicated TV box with its apps and menus through which you can navigate with the new remote.

We assume it that the start is imminent. Partly because it appeared at the Taiwanese Patent Office, but also because it would have been natural for Google to consider launching it with the Google I / O Developer Conference, which should have taken place from May 12th to 14th.

They canceled this because of the coronavirus, of course, but it also gave us a specific date. It is natural to believe that the next Chromecast will start on.

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