Here’s Gorilla Glass Victus: Beyond Gorilla Glass

Gorilla Glass Victus is official and is here to make you forget that, after all, all recent generations of Gorilla Glass are similar and do not protect your device as you would like. Victus could, would like to, change things.

Gorilla Glass Victus: free from the damage to scratches and falls?

It will be able to protect your smartphone from scratches and falls, but it is good to understand in detail what these statements mean.

From the point of view of falls, the smartphone could resist “flights” from two meters high, without the glass breaking. Very interesting, but you have to consider that:

  • The glass may not break, but the frame and everything else on the device does;
  • A lot depends also on the materials of construction of the smartphone and its very structure: a good glass is “only” a component, after all.

As for scratches, we know that Victus will be able to resist much better – compared to his predecessors and competitors – but, even in this case, there will be no miracles: leaving the smartphone in the bag with potentially “dangerous” objects (such as keys or coins) could still ruin the glass of the display or back panel.

In any case, Gorilla Glass Victus may not turn every smartphone into a rugged phone, but it can still improve the strength of the devices where it’s going to be mounted, maybe this time in a more concrete way. Have a look at the stress tests, available in the video below, to get an idea.

If you are eager to see what it is capable of, there will be little to wait for: it seems that in the coming months Samsung will begin to adopt Victus on some smartphone models, and later other manufacturers will join.

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