Harmony OS 2.0 Will Be Launched On September 11

The Harmony OS operating system, prepared by Huawei for smartphones, will soon be updated. The information indicates that Harmony OS 2.0 will be introduced in the coming months.

According to the latest information, the harmony OS 2.0 version of the operating system will be officially introduced for smartphones on September 11, 2020.

It will also be possible to use the operating system on computers, watches, and even in cars. That’s why Huawei rolled up its sleeves to offer a version of the operating system that is generally attractive to technology devices.

A version of the Harmony OS 2.0 appeared on the agenda after Huawei had a problem with the US with the Android operating system. Now we see the Harmony Os operating system on Huawei and Honor phones, which do not have Google operating systems. What OS version 2.0 offers in this context is a very scenic subject

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