Honor’s first gaming Laptop with 200W fast charge

Honor announced that it would soon introduce a new fast charging technology that will reach a 200W charge level.

According to tipster @Ark, the first Honor laptops code-named FRD with support for 200W fast charging will come to the market.

Honor's first gaming Laptop with 200W fast charge

It is known that Huawei has always paid close attention to technologies that make life easier for users. The Honor 200W adapter should be based on the USB-C+ PD pad, a solution that can reduce the size of the charger (many gaming laptops are still too bulky).

To get all the information, we expect to wait until July 16, the day the company will officially launch a new generation of laptops, including the new Honor MagicBook Pro with AMD processor and its first gaming computer. The first device will support the new generation of 65W fast charging, while the second device will need to be equipped with the 200W fast charging technology we’re talking about.

In this case, Honor’s first home gaming laptop can charge about 50{9ee0c38589d25aff4c2785684b07dd57a0683731766a7570ca7c06c75633c956} of the battery in 30 minutes, the company said.

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