How to prevent your data from being stolen if you lost your phone

Are you clueless? Do you live in a somewhat dangerous city? It does not hurt to prevent your mobile phone from disappearing at some point, especially if it is the latest iPhone (or any other model) which has cost you a lot to buy.

What to do if you lost your iPhone?
If you fear being the victim of a theft or losing your iPhone somewhere, since the launch of iOS 7 in 2013, you have the option to disable your device completely.

This will prevent someone else from taking your phone when by right you should be the one to do it.

If you want to prevent the person who found / stole your device from accessing your information, you can lock your iPhone via iCloud as long as you have linked your iPhone to an iTunes account or even from a computer or other iOS device.

It is a simple procedure, but if you still don’t know it, then you will see how to do it.

How do I do it?

You just have to go to in your iCloud account, then activate Find my iPhone and it will automatically link to your iTunes account, so when you turn on your device, it will ask for your iTunes password to be able to use it normally, if not it will remain completely blocked.

The name of this feature is Activation Lock.

It should be noted that all Apple devices are connected to the network, so if a person tries to restore, they will always connect to the network and this is when Activation Lock plays its part.

By locking your device until you enter the correct password. You can also place messages that cannot be removed from the screen, perhaps to be returned to you in case of loss or to persuade the thief.

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