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How to put a GIF as your Google Chrome background

Placing a GIF in the background of Google Chrome can give you a new life for your search. We explain how to do it.

There are people who live to adapt to everything. The background of your mobile phone, the type of icons displayed, the color of the browser cards, etc. One of the things that can give more life to backgrounds is animation. The difference between a still image to an image with a certain movement is striking.

How to put a GIF as your Google Chrome background

And what many of us don’t know is how to configure Chrome to place a GIF in the background on the main search engine page. The experiment can yield results from a dull white background to a powerful image that will guide your entire research.

Step 1

  • The first thing you should do is find the GIF that you want to use as a Chrome background. Of course, the recommended directory is Giphy. But we also recommend that you find a Google search with filters to find slightly better quality images.
  • After you’ve discovered the GIF in your browsers, right-click and then choose “save image as.”

How to put a GIF as your Google Chrome background1

  • If you make a change to your Apple computer, select the image, change the PNG extension in the “As” area, and in the “Format” area, check whether it is present in “All Files”.

Step 2

  • In the bottom right corner of your homepage, click on the option that says “Customize”.
  • Now in the “background”, click “upload from device “and navigate to the GIF that you saved as a PNG.

How to put a GIF as your Google Chrome background

  • Now the GIF should play on your Google Chrome page!
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