How to Turn Off Windows Defender

Microsoft Defender is the standard program that your computer brings, which is responsible for scanning and protection against any threats. However, you may want to temporarily disable it on several occasions. Today, here you will learn the steps to disable Microsoft Defender security on your computer.

Some reasons to disable Microsoft Defender Protection

If you want to install additional antivirus for your Windows 10 computer, Microsoft Defender tends to disable it. Even if that’s not the reason and you just want to install a component that Defender considers “risky”, you can easily deactivate it.

It just remains to warn you that if you leave the protection turned off for a long time by background scanning, your computer will be exposed to malware and many other threats. So you only want to disable Microsoft Defender protection if you are absolutely sure.

Steps to disable security

First, open the Start menu and go to “Windows Security”. Then press “Enter” or the Windows shortcut to launch it.

How to disable protection of Microsoft Defender?

Now open “Windows Security”, click “Virus & Threat Protection” in the sidebar. Then click on “Manage settings”.

How to disable protection of Microsoft Defender?

Once there, look in the virus and threat protection settings for the option “Real-time protection”. With a simple press of the switch, you can turn it on or off.

How to disable protection of Microsoft Defender?

After the switch was pressed, you could disable Microsoft Defender protection. Of course, your computer will send you a warning that security is disabled. Don’t worry, after a short while, your operating system will reactivate Microsoft Defender.

All you have to do is close the configuration window and the changes you’ve made are saved. Whether you want to increase or cancel the security of your computer, you can do it now by going to the real-time security settings.

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