Huawei patent reveals phone with zoom lens that can be attached

Camera zoom options on mobile phones seem to be a priority for Huawei. The company still retains first and second place in the DXoMark ranking of the best mobile phone cameras, such as Huawei P40 Pro and Honor 30 Pro+. The new corporate patent may be a sign that the brand is preparing to maintain its leading position in the segment: dockable optical zoom as an accessory for the device.

Huawei patent reveals phone with zoom lens that can be attached

The image above shows how the lens would fit into a new smartphone. Most mobile phones today have a very limited optical zoom and have to use different “tricks” to allow a closer zoom to the image, such as hybrid zoom, which combines optical and digital. The importance of optical zoom is due to the fact that it is an analog process that is close to the image “real”, which uses the position of the lens to do so. Digital zoom, in turn, artificially expands the image, which can lead to a loss of quality.

Optical zoom is the Achilles heel for mobile phones because process physics needs space to move the lens, and space is exactly the most accurate source in the world of smartphones. The idea of putting a lens on your phone if you want more zoom can solve this problem.

You can use the textured back, USB-C jack, and elongated design for the flash, which seems to give more room for LEDs than other phones.

Of course, it is worth reminding everyone that patents are by no means certain of the product that will exist. This is only about registering the idea, so if the company decides to do it one day, it’s already guaranteed. But there are many patents that never give up on paper. In the case of this device, the idea may be interesting, but it’s hard to imagine how it would be sold devices with an extra lens that you should wear, it seems at odds with the practical aspect that smartphones popularized. Start.

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