Microsoft Flight Simulator ready to launch on August 18

Microsoft has just announced the availability date of the highly anticipated Flight Simulator 2020. The famous work created by the giant Redmond, which will debut on July 30 in the “closed beta”. For the official launch on the PC, however, we will have to wait until August 18th. On this date, the Microsoft Flight Simulator will enter the Xbox Game Pass catalog.

The Microsoft Flight Simulator will be released in three different editions, allowing the user to take control of more than twenty planes and fly around the world.

Therefore, the saga continues on August 18, allowing you to fly one of the 30 aircraft available worldwide and land safely on the runway of the airport of your choice. And there is no shortage of options because the game offers up to 40 different airports.

The standard version, which entitles you to 20 planes and 30 airports. If you prefer the  Deluxe Edition version,  you have access to 25 planes and 35 airports. Finally, Premium Edition offers 30 aircraft and 40 airports.

The game was originally scheduled for Windows 10, but the console version (Xbox One and Xbox Series X) is also in preparation. Those who have access to Game Pass on the PC can now preload the game on their computer.


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