New Image Shows the PS5 Controller

The dual sense look is no longer a secret since the official announcement of Sony. The actual size, however, does. The ps5 controller image that has now appeared was able to reveal the details.

The image, which appeared in the Reseter forum, causes the PS5 community to have fierce discussions. Does it give an idea of the actual size of the upcoming DualSense driver? According to the creator, it is a photo taken on the production line of the following console.

The first thing you will notice is the sheer size of the pointer. Compared to the hand on the photo, the dual sense is likely to become one of the biggest representatives of the PlayStation controller series.

In the end, it wouldn’t be surprising, the PS5 is also the largest console to date on the console market. When it comes to design, Sony also seems to want to break new ground in the controller.

This difference in size compared to the predecessor of the PS4 has to play into the hands of gamers with bigger hands. People with smaller hands may experience some effort.

The image also shows the headphone jack, allowing you to experience the advertised 3D sound with headphones.

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