Office gets a new user interface

Microsoft introduces a whole new user experience for Office. It will be easier and more content-driven.

Microsoft Office UX

In 2007, Microsoft introduced ribbon design for its applications, including the Office suite. At the time, this was a revolution, as outdated design with tool palettes for all tools could, in extreme cases, take up almost the entire screen, for example for Word.

But it turns out that many people still only use very basic functions in programs like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. This doesn’t mean that we don’t need help, but now it can take the form of artificial intelligence.

Therefore, all tools can go further back in favor of a greater focus on content. In addition, the tools will be contextual: if you select the text, you will get formatting options for the text. If you select graphics, the same should happen accordingly.

There will also be more emphasis on research, as we know from the Teams design. Also, the colors should fade. Everything looks more and more like the design as we know it from the application and the web.

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