Oppo prepares a 125W fast charging

While we take a look at the races that manufacturers need to get so many Hz screens or most RAM phones, there has been competition between brands for some time to see which will be the fastest. “Fastest” charge, and it seems that OPPO will win first prize after it was proven to work in a fast-charging system no more and no less than 125 W, which is more than 65W of its previous SuperVooc system, meaning the 4,000 mAh battery can be charged in half an hour. If the data were proportional, it would mean that a fast 125W charging time could shorten the charging time to just over 15 minutes.

125W is a significant amount of power for a smartphone, even for a laptop, because we have to go for gaming or high-performance models to see a charger with that power supply or more. In many cases, 60W is a common performance on regular laptops.

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