Patent reveals foldable MacBook Soon

The patent specification states that it is a personal computer device, which is essentially one piece

Now all MacBook are built like most other laptops. The display is connected to the rest of the body by joints that essentially connect these two laptop parts into a single integrated unit with no gaps. However, Apple wants a change by creating a new flexible joint that will finally connect the two sides.

  But it is not a revolutionary innovation, because Microsoft did something similar for its Surface Book a few years ago. The new type of seal proved to be relatively effective at the time. However, it could bother someone that the display with the base at the connection point, especially on the surface book, does not touch at all when closed and that there is noticeable space.

  The risk of getting into the next MacBook is also high. There is very likely a gap. But that doesn’t have to be as much as with Microsoft.

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