Samsung Galaxy M41 is going to get a big battery

Samsung is expected to launch more smartphones in its affordable Galaxy M range. The Galaxy M41 smartphone is probably one of the devices in this series. It was previously announced that the device would be launched this year, but according to some reports, the launch has been canceled due to a disruption supply of display. This was due to the problems that Chinese panels faced in quality testing. Now the device has been certified to show the battery properties.

The Samsung Galaxy M41 was found on the 3C mobile verification website. According to the database, a battery with model number EB-BM415ABY will be installed in the future. Pictures of the batteries also appeared on the Safety Korea website.

Samsung  Galaxy M41 is going to get a big batteryAccording to the leaked image, this battery has a nominal capacity of 6800 mAh. Some reports suggest that EB-BM415ABY is manufactured by Chinese company Ningde Amperex Technology Limited. Recently, there is no smartphone on the market with as large a mid-range battery capacity as an affordable segment.

The giant battery definitely gives the Galaxy M41 an advantage over the competition; especially Chinese smartphones, which have long dominated the affordable segment. There is currently no official confirmation and it is not known whether the device will actually get such a huge battery.

Due to problems with the display offering, it was said that the company could postpone the launch of the Samsung Galaxy M51. But after successful galaxy m41 certification, the company can return to production.

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