Samsung Galaxy Note 20 will feature periscope camera

The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 is expected to launch in August, but there are still doubts about how powerful the camera configuration will be. A new leak points to a certain detail that has raised our hopes.

About the GalaxyClub, which say that it will be more expensive Note 20 model which will include a periscope camera: the type in which the components are arranged to stretch the back of the box and allow for larger zoom levels.

This is interesting because the Galaxy S20 Ultra also has a periscope mechanism. Therefore, these cameras look like similar cameras, although the rumours that Note 20 is giving up the 100-face “Space Zoom” feature are true.

Even if 100x digital zoom is not available for the Galaxy Note 20 series, a periscope camera would guarantee above-average zoom capabilities. The premium Note 20 model may combine the 4x optical zoom of the S20 Ultra or even more.

In this latest leak, only the Galaxy Note 20 Plus is mentioned, one of the two or maybe three devices we expect in August. As with the Galaxy S20 series, camera specifications can be a key distinguishing feature between these new devices.

It’s also important to remember that jumping from the Galaxy S series to the Galaxy Note isn’t always great. Last year, the Note 10 Plus had the same rear-view camera as the S10 Plus, with the exception of an additional depth sensor.

As with any unofficial rumour, you don’t confirm it yet – but given the reports that the 100-fold digital zoom wouldn’t be transferred to the Note 20 series, it’s reassuring that it continues to include excellent component photos.

We’ve seen many leaks and rumours about the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 series so far, including high-quality renderings designed to demonstrate the final design of the devices.

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