Samsung will going to add OIS to mid-range smartphones

Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) debuted on smartphones back in 2012 in the Nokia Lumia 920 but remains a target for flagships.

We remember only the Pixel 3a, the Xiaomi Mi Note 10, some models of the OPPO Reno series, and individual Motorola (e.g. one vision and G7+). The situation seems to be actively changing next year.

According to the Korean edition of  The Elec, Samsung plans to expand the OIS to the A-series as early as 2021. However, these are only the best models in the range (A72, A82, A92), but the change is definitely nice. According to the source, this was a reaction to the weak sales of the Galaxy S20, as well as the launch of the iPhone SE with a relatively low price and OIS.

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