Snapdragon 865 Plus is going to launch very soon

Qualcomm’s new 865 Plus processor was announced after Snapdragon 865, which we know as the maker of the mobile processor. In addition, details have arrived on the first phone to use the new processor.

What is the launch date for the Snapdragon 865 Plus?

In 2019, the 855 Plus model was introduced, offering serious performance with the 855 models. This year, the same event takes place on the same generation processor.

In April, Meizu’s sales manager said the S865 + will not be released this year. While no base is known, Snapdragon 865 Plus will be released in July, as Qualcomm announced earlier this year, with a statement made by Ice Universe on Twitter.

According to a detail shared by Ice Universe, the next generation of Snapdragon processors will use the first Samsung Galaxy Note 20. Other models that will use the new processor include Galaxy Z Flip 5G, OnePlus 8T, and ASUS Rog Phone 3.

The technical Specification of the Snapdragon 865 + are not yet known. However, they should not undergo any serious change compared to the S865. But as with all Plus models, faster graphics performance and game optimization are expected.

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