The latest ranking of the number of 5G patents: Huawei has not yet entered the top three

5G is a new generation of communication network technology revolution. Recently, a 5G patent ranking chart was exposed online. According to the graph, South Korean technology giant Samsung ranks the first in the world with the largest number of 5G patents, ranking first with 1728; while the second is Nokia, with 5584 5G patents; the third is still Korea Communications The giant LG has 1,415 5G patents. Only then were Chinese manufacturers Huawei and ZTE, ranked fourth and fifth, followed by Qualcomm, Ericsson, and Intel.

According to the previously reported ranking of 5G patents, it is the Chinese manufacturer Huawei that has the largest number of 5G patents in the world. Why did it suddenly become Samsung? Moreover, Huawei not only failed to occupy the first place but even ranked fourth, which is even more puzzling.

The data on this list is not wrong. Looking closely at the statistics of the number of 5G patents in the picture, they are divided into three categories. The blue is the number of 5G patents that have been confirmed and approved, the dark gray is the number of 5G patents currently in the company’s declaration status, and the light gray is the number of 5G patents claimed by the company.

Therefore, this list is ranked by the number of 5G patents in force. If calculated based on the number of declared 5G patents, Huawei ranks first among all manufacturers with 3147 pieces, and Samsung ranks second with only 2795 pieces after Huawei. If again to approve the entry into force + in the case, Samsung is still ranked first in 2633, Huawei places 2342 ranked second in the number of patents to 5G declare a state of the view.

Although the number of Huawei 5G patents has not reached the top in this list, this does not hinder its strong 5G construction capabilities. According to the public statement of the president of Huawei Carrier BG in February this year, as of February 20, Huawei has won 91 5G commercial contracts worldwide, the number of which is the largest, ranking first in the world.

Ericsson announced in December last year that it has obtained 78 commercial 5G contracts, ranking second, second only to Huawei; Nokia received 63, ranking third; another Chinese company ZTE received 35 commercial 5G contracts, Ranked fourth.

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