The very popular IOS 13.5 Jailbreak is now available

Apple conducts a rigorous review of applications and applications designed for their devices and operating systems. Without Apple’s approval, as a developer, you won’t (almost) gain afoot. Opponents call it Apple’s prison, or “prison.” They do everything they can to get the apps of their choice on their smartphones and develop programs to get out of this prison, the so-called jailbreaks.

Jailbreak for iOS 13.5 now active
Earlier this week we announced the impending jailbreak for the latest version of iOS, iOS 13.5. Meanwhile, the famous pirate Pwn20wnd has announced that the latest jailbreak is available. That the jailbreak is still popular can be seen from the fact that the page on which it can be downloaded fell immediately due to a large number of visits.

If you click the link in the way under the message, the jailbreak will be automatically downloaded again. Apple strongly opposes this and threatens severe sanctions under the conditions (a refusal to guarantee, refusal to help, etc.) in case of problems related to the use of such a jailbreak. Therefore, we do not share the link on the website.

Apple not only threatens users but also prevents the use of a jailbreak. It does this, among other things, by publishing software updates. In the security updates included here, the software is used to fix vulnerabilities used by a jailbreak. This makes closing software solutions easier than working with hardware. The hardware cannot simply be replaced. Another prison breaker proved it last year.

jailbreak for iOS 14 already in production?

iOS 14 isn’t out yet, but there are hackers claiming to have conquered a developer version. So you can already start creating the “ideal” escapes from iOS14. Given their efforts, it’s unlikely they’ll be working on a solution that Apple can solve with a simple software update, so a hardware jailbreak for iOS 14 can’t be ruled out.

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