3 Best Running Apps for Android and iOS

Exercise is one of the most important tasks we have, and running has become one of the most common ways to implement a workout plan. That’s why we offer you the best running apps. With these apps, we can maintain the ideal balance for our health, very good energy throughout the day, especially when performing our tasks and task plans. Here are the best running apps, available for both iOS and Android.

1. Strong – Workout Tracker Gym Log

Strong is one of the best applications on the market with over 2 million users. This is a simple and attractive tool that allows us to maintain a healthy daily routine with a list of options and goals. This not only allows us to perform routines and maintain a healthy body but also allows us to choose an option based on our interests, for example,  increase muscle mass and tone of our body or do good vascular training, where our heart wants to be very active and healthy.

With this application, whether you are a beginner or a professional, the user interface is very easy and quick to adapt in all categories. This interface you sort a list of routines from the simplest to the most difficult through your skill level to ensure balance and consistency of exercise. You also perform a progress analysis from the day you want to start. It will go a long way so you stay motivated when it comes to exceeding your goals.

As with any user, it is necessary to perform a warm-up session before starting the exercise. You also find this option in the app. You will receive the correct instructions to start the cycles. The app also has a blank list where you take notes on a topic or other topics and save it in the repository or next to the progress analysis option.

Strong Workout Tracker Gym Strong Workout Tracker Gym Strong Workout Tracker Gym

2. Runkeeper

Runkeeper is an application dedicated to race exclusivity, which brings great innovations and details that have been improved because it is dedicated only to this particular type of exercise. It has a significant number of tools, starting with using a timer. It’s a simple but useful tool if you want to measure time manually only for races you run individually or in a group.

Depending on the user’s configuration, the results are automatically displayed to measure the time, distance traveled in different segments, blood pressure readings, and calories burned. This tool is one of the best options for iOS and Android because it is essential for most. It also provides a wide view of the field so you can run or train with your friends by setting important points to change the pace or pause during the training section.

Runkeeper—GPS Running Tracke Runkeeper—GPS Running Tracker Runkeeper—GPS Running Tracker Runkeeper—GPS Running Tracker

 3. Strava – for running and fitness

Strava: Laufen & Radfahren
Strava: Laufen & Radfahren
Developer: Strava Inc.
Price: Free
‎Strava: Laufen & Radfahren
‎Strava: Laufen & Radfahren

This is an app for those who want to perform tasks such as running, jogging, and cycling. Many runners and cyclists use this app for use because it offers innovative possibilities. Strava monitors your activities from start to finish during training, such as constant or changing speed, performance, calorie burn analysis, and more.

Strava: Run & Ride Training Strava: Run & Ride Training Strava: Run & Ride Training Strava: Run & Ride Training

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