What is the SAR value?

This value, that is, the amount of radiation that smartphones transmit to the body of their users is not the same for all smartphones. So what is the SAR value?

SAR (Specific absorption rate) has the power and effect of increasing the body temperature of smartphone users and scientifically means that electromagnetic radiation is absorbed into the human body.

In general, a SAR value between 10 GHz and 100 kHz is used to measure exposure levels in areas where people are present. This means that exactly the signal from smartphones.

SAR measurement takes into account tissue values of 1 g. For example, the sar is higher for smartphones sold in the United States, it is lower for smartphones sold in Europe.

High SAR now also means high exposure to radiation.  In general, a high SAR value is detrimental:

  1. The effect of headaches.
  2. Feeling intense stress and fatigue.
  3. Permanent hearing loss.
  4. Eye problems.
  5. Risk of miscarriage in pregnant women.
  6. Cardiovascular diseases.
  7. Diseases of the immune system.
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