What’s New in MIUI 12: Dark Mode 2.0, Improved Always On and more

It has not been too long since MIUI 11 hit the market during 2019, but the truth is that Xiaomi already seems to be completely ready to present its next-generation MIUI 12 based on the Android operating system. Despite only days to go before its official announcement, it has already advanced some details related to the dark mode.

According to recent leaks, the Chinese brand will present both its new Mi 10 Youth phone and the brand new MIUI 12 version on April 27. In this last section, one of the great innovations will be the addition of a dark mode that is already a trend throughout almost all recent mobile launches, although there will be three special functions that will make it even more effective in its use.

First characteristics of MIUI 12’s “Dark Mode

What's New in MIUI 12: Dark Mode 2.0, Improved Always On and more
What’s New in MIUI 12: Dark Mode 2.0, Improved Always-On and more

Initially, the existence of a dimming function of the background image has been indicated, which means that dark mode 2.0 will not only be in charge of doing it uniformly over the entire surface but will simulate a gradual transition of lighting according to the hours of the day. day. What is not clear is if this feature will be reduced to images pre-established by Xiaomi or if it will be allowed to do it with the photographs that the user chooses as the wallpaper.

Second, MIUI 12 will work on the custom thickness of the text fonts, meaning that the dark mode will now be able to intelligently change the thickness of the text on the screen in order to reduce glare and blur effects. This upgrade is made based on the dynamic system already present in the previous generation and will also work with clear mode activated.

Lastly, there will be no shortage of contrast adjustment of the fonts with the intention of offering a more comfortable reading experience. The idea is that contrast differences and relative brightness between dark wallpapers and white text during dark 2.0 mode are automatically adapted based on the lighting levels in the environment.

It is clear that this is only a small preview of what MIUI 12 will have as news, so perhaps Xiaomi will publish more features for its presentation next week or failing that, you will only have to wait a few days to know them.

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