Xiaomi Youpin launched a hair growth cap with a hair growth probability of 80.9%.

Today ’s office workers are under great pressure. Staying up late is a common practice. With low income and high expenses, you can only continue to work hard if you want to change the status. , We are all old, so we are all bald.

Recently, Xiaomi’s product crowdfunding launched a hair-growing cap, which is still laser. This seems to be high-tech

Xiaomi launches the laser hair cap to say goodbye to baldness for 12 weeks without pain

Well yes, it is a hat that should regrow hair. This product should stimulate hair bulbs to regrow them. This smart hat is certified by two authoritative bodies, namely the CFDA and the FDA. This product arises from the need for 1 in 6 Chinese people who suffer from baldness and is a less expensive and intelligent remedy than transplantation or surgical therapies. It must be used for 30 minutes a day, the company promises results in about 5 months, the energy generated by the product is 5 MW and thanks to the LLLT technology the regeneration of the sleeping follicle is “reactivated”. It looks like a normal hat but underneath it hides

81 sensors that send laser beams and that cover the whole head, from the neck to the forehead, providing uniform action.

It recharges via USB.
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